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sure was cold last night. good thing we had trash to burn for warmth

While I disapprove of book burning in general, in this case…

This is a book by Christina Hoff Sommers, a woman who has been involved in feminism and feminist academia her entire life. She is a feminist. This book talks about the bias against boys in school (for example: boys are more likely to drop out and greatly lag when it comes to literacy).

Also the minute you start to support book burning, congratulations, you are now an oppressive and authoritarian group.

Do you ever think, like putting aside all the Tumblr bullshit and the obsession with gender politics on this website alone, do you ever just look at people like this and feel confused about how they live their life.

Like this person is so obsessed in whatever ignorant mindset they hold that they saw this book and immediately set in motion a series of events for their entire day where they would buy this book and ensure their camera is charged. They would then rip it up, while taking photos and light it on fire and put it into a fire smiling and put it on the internet. They planned out this entire thing.

This isn’t Mein Kampf.

This isn’t some controversial book calling for the extermination of a gender or euthanasia. 

It’s literally some mild critique by a feminist about how dodgy policies from over-zealous feminism can end up harming people rather than helping.

This person is so wrapped up in whatever self-righteousness they possess and so desperate for the approval of whatever circle they’re in on Tumblr that they decided they would burn this book, probably without reading it, and take pictures to show off that they’re so stupid and insecure about their own views that they’d sooner burn anything that questions them.

I dunno about you but I’m really just confused about how you could plan out these actions over the course of a day and not sit and think to yourself “wow I’m behaving in a completely irrational manner”. 

This is terrifying.

The second comment might be the most disturbing thing. “I don’t normally support book burning, but it’s okay as long as it’s something I disagree with.”

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Charlene quotes of the night


Can a man with two behinds be in front of anyone?

I think we’re as drunk as that house.

I’m confused by this picture….It’s a picture of white space…it’s a penis…*laughs hysterically*

C: You don’t even know. I am the bat.

Me: What.

C. I don’t know. I don’t need to know. I’m am the bat.

Me: I’m going to listen to Closing Time.

C: *sings* Closing time, time to close the thing and *cries* I don’t know that song. You bitch why did you do that to me? I just wanted to be a girl. How could you do that? I can’t even believe you. Closing time. You gotta close the doors to your soul. I don’t even know that song, Tiffani.

*few seconds later*

C: Why come I’m not listening to closing time?